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Blackmans Bay ocean talks

Blackmans Bay ocean talks

Scientists, divers, fishers and representatives from the Tasmanian Aboriginal community gathered in Blackmans Bay Hall on Thursday, March 14 to discuss Tasmania's declining ocean health.
The event was led by IMAS scientist and co-founder of Great Southern Reef Foundation Dr Scott Bennett, co-owner of Total Dive Solutions Bridget de Lange, researcher at the Australian Institute Evie Simpson and Aboriginal artist and climate researcher Dean Greeno.
Environment Tasmania organised this event to discuss how Tasmania's ocean health is declining and what we and the Tasmanian Government can do about it.
"My concern about ocean health is the rate of climate change impacting the Great Southern Reef (GSR)," Dr Bennett said.
"More than 70 per cent of species on the GSR are endemic, meaning they are found nowhere else on earth.
"We therefore face the real possibility of mass extinctions of GSR species over the coming decades unless urgent climate action is taken."
Bridget de Lange described Tasmania's declining ocean health as overwhelming and heartbreaking.
"I see mother ocean coming under attack from all angles: acidification, alien species, farming pressures, extinction and pollution," she said.
"Perhaps the most significant loss is for us as humans, as we witness our sacred blue spaces changing so rapidly in our own lifetimes."
Evie Simpson said Tasmania needs a marine plan.
"The collapse of the sand flathead fishery and the plight of the Maugean skate are just two examples of Tasmania's failing, 30-year-old marine law," she said.
"Tasmania needs a marine plan for healthy oceans that resolves stakeholder conflict, addresses climate change and takes into account all the ways Tasmania's coastal waters are used."


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