Mighty helpful to Stay ChatTY

Mighty helpful to Stay ChatTY

Relationships Australia Tasmania and Clennett’s Mitre 10 announced a formal partnership between the two organisations on Thursday, August 1, specifically to support the activities of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY.

COO of Relationships Australia, Michael Kelly said that the synergy of the partnership will create many important opportunities for the organisation, with one aim being to help the community understand what part they can play in supporting mental health awareness.

Managed by Relationships Australia, SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY, works to promote positive mental health and prevent suicide by normalising conversations and encouraging people to seek help when they need it for mental health issues.

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Founder, Mitch McPherson said his team are excited to partner with Clennett’s Mitre 10.

 “This partnership is part of our efforts to continually build impactful relationships with our community supporters, as we work with them to promote the SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY message,” said McPherson, who established the organisation in 2013 after his younger brother Ty died by suicide.

For three years, Clennett’s Mitre 10 will contribute $30,000 annually to the charity, on top of any proceeds raised from fundraising initiatives such as counter donations, merchandise sales and special events through the year.

Mr McPherson said, “Our partnership with Clennett’s will increase SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY’s capacity to deliver programs, events and community work across Tasmania.

“Over the next three years SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY will deliver regular mental health resilience presentations to Clennett’s Mitre 10 customers and supporters.”

Clennett’s Mitre 10 stated that they are proud to partner with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY.

“Our partnership with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY is part of a broader program within the Clennett’s family business to build awareness of mental health and to better support the wellbeing of our employees,” said General Manager, Will Clennett.

“We look forward to becoming strong ambassadors for mental health awareness and championing the Stay ChatTY message.”

Mr Clennett is pleased to be able to support staff with the partnership, wanting employees to feel engaged and supported in their daily lives.

Mr Clennett also commented on the need to address the increasing issues surrounding mental health, especially relating to tradesmen and male dominated industries.

Mr McPherson, a tradesman before his brother’s death, particularly understands the need to get key messages about the power of a conversation into this part of the community, with one in five tradies experiencing mental health issues.

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY will promote their message of mental health awareness and support the staff, customers and local tradesman at Mitre 10 through a variety of sessions that will be run over the three-year partnership, including follow up and refresher sessions to build-up and maintain meaningful relationships within the community.

As part of the programs run by the organisation, Mr McPherson often shares his personal story of loss to encourage others to speak up and seek help when they have issues or go through difficult times.

More than 750 schools, organisations, businesses, sporting clubs and community groups have engaged with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY including the Kingston Blues Netball Club, the Kingston Tigers Netball Club, the Kingborough Lions Football Club and Kingston business, Tom Moore and Son.

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY know that their message is vital and are glad to see the community also realising the importance of mental health awareness, resulting in a calendar full of mental health sessions for the rest of 2019 and into 2020. 

Having lost her father to suicide, newly appointed Community Engagement Officer, Natasha Cloak will be speaking passionately to the Kingston High community in the near future to promote key messages and further the understanding of mental health issues for students and staff.

For help with mental health issues and connecting to other support services, contact Relationships Australia on 1300 364 277 or visit the SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY website at www.staychatty.com.au

Pictured above are General Manager of Clennett’s Mitre 10, Will Clennett and founder of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY, Mitch McPherson announced a formal partnership on Thursday, August 1, with the local business promising $30,000 per year for the next three years to support the activities of the mental health and suicide prevention organisation as they help promote key messages and activities of the foundation.