Landscapes by Merryn Day

Landscapes by Merryn Day

Throughout September and October, the Channel Museum at Margate is hosting a display of 31 landscape artworks assembled by local artist, Merryn Day; a 17-year-old currently in her final year of High School.

Merryn has a tremendous passion for painting and her painting skills are self-taught. 
For over five years Merryn has been working with acrylics and building-up an impressive skill base of landscape techniques.
Over the past year and a half, Merryn has been particularly focussed on exploring the interplay between texture and colour in landscapes.

Merryn is inspired by local scenery, particularly sunsets and clouds over water.  

Many of the works in the current exhibition demonstrate her significant achievements in this area.

This display will continue until October 23 with most of the artworks in this display for sale.  By attracting quality artists, such as Merryn Day, the Museum hopes to continue to attract strong interest from locals and tourists alike.

The Channel Museum is situated on the Channel Highway at the southern end of Margate and is open every day between 10:00am and 4:00 pm and entry is free. 

The Channel Museum is operated wholly by volunteers and new volunteers are always welcome.

Pictured above: 17-year-old Merryn Day will be exhibiting 31 landscape artworks at the Channel Museum at Margate this September and October with artwork inspired by local scenery, particularly sunsets and clouds over water. (PS)