White Label brings new phase of Tasmanian whiskey to Kingborough

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White Label Distillery held their official launch on Friday, September 20, ushering in an exciting new phase for Tasmanian whisky production in the state.
The company has opened the way to significant increases in volume and opportunities for export by offering the first Tasmanian ‘contract only’ single malt whisky distillery, established to craft spirit for individuals or businesses looking to enter the industry with their own single malt whisky brand. 
White Label is also offering spirit to existing distilleries wishing to increase their stock and to those who require stock while waiting for their own distillery to be built or scaled-up. 
White Label will produce spirit for commercial purposes only and will supply to clients looking at creating a commercially viable and sustainable brand. 
To ensure each product is unique and individual, all clients can be involved in the entire production process, from selection of Tasmanian ingredients, barrel types, maturation time and environment while having control over the marketing, packaging and branding of their product. 
White Label anticipate their ‘house style’, using all Tasmanian ingredients will be the most popular process for both smaller, independent bottlers and large scale or long-term contracts.
David Meredith and John Goodyear, co-owners of White Label Distillery and owners of the iconic Islington Hotel, export business Tas’Mania, The Glasshouse and Brooke St Larder in Tasmania, together with Phil Gordon have assembled a dream team of talent and experience in the category including Casey Overeem (former owner of Overeem Distillery), Anthony White (ex-Nant Distiller) and Jane Sawford (nee Overeem) to be part of this new generation of distillers. 
The team will also offer mentoring and coaching through each stage of the production process, sharing their expertise with clients.
This includes guidance across a variety of distillation techniques and processes to ensure that each client has a unique product to suit their specific tastes or needs. 
“We have already had strong interest from International clients (in China and Cambodia), along with some major national liquor chains” says Mr Meredith.
“This is a big step for the growth of Tasmanian Whisky, as we allow people to access our quality spirit without setting up their own distillery here, whilst still retaining the rigid quality benchmarks to protect the integrity of the Tasmanian brand and Tasmanian Whisky”.
To celebrate their launch, White Label will be offering a limited run of small, special orders for individuals and businesses in Kingborough and hope to bring the best of Tasmanian whiskey to the community.

Pictured above: Attending the launch of White Label Distillery to announce the exciting new phase in Tasmanian whiskey were David Meredith, Jane Sawford, Phil Gordon, John Goodyear, Anthony White, Casey Overeem, Premier of Tasmania, the Honourable Will Hodgman MP and Bill Lark. (PS)