Student safety push at Taroona

Student safety push at Taroona


Labor MP Ella Haddad is taking action following an incident earlier this year where a child was struck off his bike along Flinders Esplanade, Taroona, while riding home from school.

Luckily the young boy was not badly hurt and has made a full recovery, however Ms Haddad feels it has really highlighted the traffic issues around the Esplanade and surrounding streets at the back of the school site.

“Many students travel along Flinders Esplanade to and from school, as it is often a safer option than riding or walking along Channel Highway” Ms Haddad said.

“The back streets should be safer, but many residents have told me they’ve seen near misses as the streets fill up at school drop off and pick up times”.

Taroona High and Primary are bustling schools and are both set to continue to grow in coming years.

According to Ms Haddad, the opportunity to have an active journey to school is diminished where there is a lack of safe routes to school.

“I’ve talked to parents and teachers at the school, as well as local residents along Flinders Esplanade and Meath Avenue, Norwood, Seaview and Bellhaven Avenues,” said Ms Haddad.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to agrees more can be done to improve traffic and pedestrian safety.

“That’s why I am taking a petition to parliament asking for a 40 km/h zone along Flinders Esplanade, a footpath along the northern side of Meath Avenue and other traffic calming measures.”

Ms Haddad is working with local resident Lydia Schofield who has taken a motion to the Kingborough Council on the issue.

Improving road safety conditions will play a big role in assisting the growth and capacity of the schools into the future.

“The residents of Taroona and students at Taroona High and Primary need safe access to and from school,” Ms Haddad said.

“I hope our petition will ensure the state government works constructively with the council to find a solution to improve safety along Flinders Esplanade and neighbouring streets.”

There will be doorknocking throughout the area asking people to sign the petition, as well as at the school gates over the coming weeks.

The petition can also be signed online at or by contacting Ms Haddad on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 6212 2286.

Pictured above: Labor MP Ella Haddad and Lydia Schofield will be among those campaigning for changes around Finders Esplanade, Taroona after an incident where a boy was knocked from his bike raised safety concerns about students travelling to and from school.

 motion has been put to Kingborough Council by Ms Schofield and a petition has been started by Ms Haddad. (PS)