Diwali delights

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Plenty of activity filled the Kingborough Hub on Friday, October 18 for the Diwali Festival.
Traditionally a Hindi religious festival marking the start of their new year, Diwali means ‘row of lights’ in Sanskrit and during the four to five day celebration, lights and lamps are used to decorate the home.
Those at the hub for the event were able to experience the delights of Indian cuisine including, curry, naan, chai tea and sweets as well as some cultural activities.
Henna artist Anchal Gogna was creating some intricate hand tattoos with the plant-based dye and there were mandala craft activities for children and adults.
Displayed on the floor of the Hub was the traditional Indian artform of Rangoli, used to decorate and bring good luck to the home during Diwali.
Rangoli designs are made using a variety of materials such as spices, rice, flower petals, seeds, flour, chalk powder or coloured sand.
After the activities and food had been enjoyed by the community, there was a film screening of ‘Monsoon Wedding.’

Pictured above:

- Henna artist Anchal Gogna was using the plant-based dye to create a beautiful, temporary henna tattoo for Nyree Yarli at the Diwali Festival.

- Diedre and Tim Parker were with Alex and David Tanner partaking of the delicious Indian cuisine that was available at the Hub on Friday, October 18.

- Sarah-Jane, Adam, Allara and River Fox enjoyed the craft table at the Diwali Festival, colouring mandalas together as part of the cultural celebration.

- The Indian artform of Rangoli was used to create intricate patterns on the floor of the Hub using spices, seeds, flower petals and a range of other materials.