Kingborough Chronicle celebrates decade in print

Kingborough Chronicle celebrates decade in print

Local independent newspaper Kingborough Chronicle is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.
In 2009 the Kingborough Chronicle published for the first time, providing local, free, weekly, independent news for the Kingborough and Channel communities.
“Over 10 years many things have changed, however the core of the Kingborough Chronicle’s objective has remained the same, connecting community and business,” said manager Stuart Heather.
The first issue of the Kingborough Chronicle was launched Friday, October 23, 2009 with a circulation of 8,500.
Printed at the Huon Valley News in Franklin, the early newspapers only had colour on half of the pages due to the existing press at the time.
The reception for the newspaper was extremely positive, with the newspaper stands running out resulting in the circulation to be reviewed and increased to meet the demand.
Within 24 months the publication day changed from Friday to Tuesday, allowing the Kingborough Chronicle to have more relevant news for its readers including the weekend sports results, as well as advertising local events for the upcoming weekend.
Editorial in the Kingborough Chronicle is hyper-local; it focusses on relevant local news, schools, sports, events and people in the Kingborough and Channel communities.
This focus on pertinent and important content for their readers has continued to grow the newspapers to 12,000 newspapers every week, including 6,900 home delivered.
“The feedback we receive from our readers is extremely encouraging, they appreciate that we give a voice to our community and showcase the positive stories in our area” said Stuart Heather.
The newspaper is made with the community; local schools, community groups, sporting clubs and organisations submit their stories to Kingborough Chronicle, providing a local platform for them.
“Contributors are an important pillar to the Kingborough Chronicle, the relationships we have with the community are crucial for our newspaper in providing a wide and varied selection of news for our readers,” said Stuart.
“Thank you to all contributors over the last 10 years who provide our local readers with stories that matter to them.”
In 2013 the printing presses at the Huon Valley News were upgraded, making it possible for every page of the newspaper to be printed in colour.
The Kingborough Chronicle’s first Kingston office had reached capacity, and in August 2015 they moved to their current office at 5/32 Channel Highway, Kingston, in the arcade shared with Denison Dental and new tenant Legislative Councillor, Meg Webb.
Advertising in the Kingborough Chronicle provides businesses with a targeted way to communicate with a local audience.
With readers concentrated to the Kingborough and Channel area, advertisers can be confident that their advertisement will be seen by locals, who will have a higher chance of becoming a customer than someone from other areas.
“Providing advertising for a variety of businesses, whether they are a sole trader or a big company, has been very rewarding at the Kingborough Chronicle,” said Stuart.
“Getting results for our local businesses is at the forefront of any advertising conversation, and advertising can be tailored to any budget.
“Thank you to the many businesses that have advertised in the Kingborough Chronicle, especially our ongoing advertisers you see in the recent newspapers that have allowed the newspaper to grow sustainably.”
Locals continue to rely on independent and unbiased reporting, which is a key reason readers continue to look forward to every issue.
“Thank you for reading the Kingborough Chronicle these past 10 years, our team in Kingston and Franklin appreciate the opportunity to provide you with local news for many more years to come” concluded Stuart.

Looking back on 10 years

Just over ten years ago I was given the challenge and privilege of helping put a team together to start a new community newspaper; the Kingborough Chronicle.
The first edition was published during Hobart Show Week and has been published and home delivered weekly ever since.
Kingborough has grown and changed over those years.
Change is a part of life and The Chronicle has reflected those changes.
Local businesses have been established, sports teams have formed and local schools have gone through many cycles.
Youngsters who were just starting school ten years ago are now well and truly into high school and thinking about their future.
Through all this, The Kingborough Chronicle has reported what’s been happening in our local municipality.
Businesses have strongly supported local community news by advertising and have prospered thanks to locals who, in turn, have supported them.
We sometimes hear that 'newspapers are dying', as far as local news is concerned this is far from reality.
The Kingborough Chronicle at it’s tenth anniversary is proof that people like to know what is happening in their neighbourhood.
Long may it continue to be part of the fabric of Kingborough.

Ray Quinn
Original Sales Manager of the Kingborough Chronicle