Pool petition reaches 500 as council weighs benefits versus burdens

Pool petition reaches 500 as council weighs benefits versus burdens

Over 500 residents of the Kingborough area have put their names to a petition asking Kingborough Council to commit to a pool in the area.

The petition, organised by Rebecca Bushby and Amanda Meadows calls on council to ‘source a hydrotherapy pool for rehabilitation and swimming to address injury, illness, chronic health conditions, general health and wellbeing and social connection in Kingborough.’

The Mayor of Kingborough, Cr Dean Winter has welcomed the petition.

“I know there is a lot of excitement about the prospect of a pool at the Kingborough Sports Precinct,” Mayor Winter said.

“We were really glad to get the support of the State Government to investigate the feasibility of a pool at the sports precinct.

“This fits perfectly with the government’s vision for Kingston High School become a sports-focussed year 7-12 High School.”

Ms Bushby and Ms Meadows began the petition after the closure of Margate’s Beach Orchard Health Centre was announced recently and have found many likeminded people in the community who can also see the physical and social benefits that opening another such facility would have for the area, especially for active seniors who may not be able to travel further afield.

Eileen Smith, has found significant benefit in her hydrotherapy after a double hip replacement last year and has been able to make significant progress through improved mobility, freer movement and less joint pain through hydrotherapy.

Physiotherapist Meg Beton, who treats Ms Smith said that hydrotherapy can be significant for clients with exercise restrictions.

“Land based therapy is not easy for everyone, especially in populations dealing with pain and restricted mobility. 

“Warm water creates a feeling of weightlessness that allows my clients to move more freely and ease their pain.

“By creating an environment that my clients can move without restriction we can build upon their strength and mobility which in turn can improve their quality of life.”

Ms Bushby believes that the significance of heath focus in the community is finally being understood and that this is another important reason to have convenient access to a facility which can have such a positive impact on the physical, social and mental well-being of the community.

Kingborough Council is awaiting the advice of the expert consultant engaged to explore the project to balance both the potential benefits and potential burdens to the whole of the community.

“Our vision is to bring in an organisation with the expertise to own and operate a pool on the site. 

 “We want to ensure a pool is viable and financially responsible,” Mayor Winter said.

“There are examples across the state where pools become significant cost burdens on councils.

“Hobart City Council, for example, loses around $1 million per year operating its Aquatic Centre.

 “We have engaged a consultant with the right expertise to do the work. 

“When that is done council will make a decision about the next step moving forward.”

Pictured above: Eileen, Amanda, Rebecca, Helen and Bethany are all experiencing the benefits of hydrotherapy at Beach Orchard and are keen to see those benefits continue in the community with a Kingston based pool.