FIFA fever for Women’s World Cup

FIFA fever for Women’s World Cup

Kingborough Lions players were celebrating with fellow football lovers across the country when news of Australia’s successful bid to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup was announced on Friday, June 26.

This will be the first time Australia has ever hosted a World Cup event.

Kingborough Lions United Football Club (KLUFC) are excited about the many opportunities this will bring for female players across the country and members of the Women’s Super League Squad commented on this prior to the announcement.

“If Australia were to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup it would provide an insightful experience for aspiring female players throughout the country; to witness our Matilda’s compete in the world’s largest women’s sporting event on home soil,” said Women’s Super League Squad player Pheobe prior to the annoucement.

“Personally, I would love the opportunity to watch the high calibre players that I look up to compete in a competition so close to home.”

Fellow Super Squad player Andy said the successful bid is an amazing opportunity to celebrate and showcase the female talent of the sport.

“The potential for this event to raise the profile of women's football in Australia is enormous and would create the opportunity for young women and girls to see tangible pathways forward in football that may have seemed out of reach,” Andy remarked.

“At a grassroots level it would also no doubt help to increase participation and lift the enthusiasm of those already playing as their national team does them proud.”

KLUFC President Brian Downes said that the growing success and popularity of women’s soccer and the Mathildas women’s team will be boosted by the cup and inspire young female athletes.

“Here in Australia we have, over the past several years, witnessed the extraordinary level of success that the Matildas, and indeed many of the individual Australian players, have achieved, which now positions them as arguably the most loved team in Australia,” Mr Downes commented.

“With Australia, in partnership with our close neighbours New Zealand, winning the right to host the 2023 Women's World Cup, it is exciting to consider what such a prestigious and global event will do for the further advancement of women's football throughout Australia and New Zealand and more broadly throughout Asia and the Oceania regions.

“To have the world's top female players showcased in our 'own backyard' will no doubt accelerate the growth and development of women's football and allow young girls and women to know and believe that anything is possible if you are prepared to dream.”

Australia and New Zealand placed a joint bid to host the popular event, which is one of the biggest global events in women’s sport.

Chair of Football Federation Australia's Women's Football Council Ros Moriarty described the event as a holy grail which would provide an opportunity for women’s football to create an enduring and profound legacy.

Matches are being considered for UTAS Stadium in Launceston which would bring global attention to Tasmania during the event.


Pictured above: Young female footballers will benefit from watching high calibre football and seeing Australian women compete on the world stage as part of the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup, which will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand. (PS)