Virus burning at Longley

Virus burning at Longley

Longley has seen a ‘virus’ incubating opposite the Longley International Hotel near the North West river and the community is counting down until the wooden effigy is burnt.

The wooden virus has a rough map of the globe drawn on the exterior, with protrusions designed to resemble the appearance of the COVID-19 virus

Although the event will need to be given the all clear by the State Government, easing restrictions mean that the bonfire will likely soon be able to proceed.

Daniela Schurink-Moeller is a member of the team behind the virus bonfire as is looking forward to the symbolic cleansing the event will bring.

“We periodically put on a big fire every year in Longley,” Daniela said.

“This year we thought we want to create a little community event to celebrate getting out of the dark days of coronavirus.”

The symbolic event is intended to inject some positivity into the next phase of recovery for the community.

Pictured above: David Dieckfoss, Daniela Schurink-Moeller, Zbynek Malenovsky, Jak Brereton and Johan Mets pictured with a wooden coronavirus effigy near the North West River, opposite the Longley Hotel, which will be burnt as a symbolic cleansing and community celebration. (PS Carolyn Whitehouse)