Playground marching toward completion

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Progress is being made toward completion of the new playground in Kingston Park.

Mayor of Kingborough, Cr Dean Winter expects the new playground to open in autumn.

“We will have the playground ready to go in March,” Mayor Winter stated.

“Things are progressing well, with contractors making good progress towards completion. 

“The aim is to have the playground open to the public in early March. 

“I am a little disappointed we could not get it finished in time for the summer school holidays, but we had a few COVID-related setbacks in the second half of last year, especially with getting various components into the state. 

“The playground is the next component of our plan to transform Kingston from a tired old highway town to a thriving, exciting place to be. 

“Kingston has to be a place people want to come to,” explained Mayor Winter.

“A place for them to sit, wander, eat and drink. 

“I can’t just be a place you drive to, buy something and get back in the car and leave. 

“The playground, the new townhouse development on the site, community hub and hopefully a major employer on the site down the track will all contribute to making Kingborough a great place to live.”

A transformation of the Channel Highway through the heart of Kingston’s main business and shopping hub is also set to commence this year.

“By the end of this year, we want to have commenced the reconstruction on the Channel Highway at Kingston,” said Mayor Winter.

“It’s not a highway anymore. 

“It has to be a main street, with wide footpaths and outdoor dining. 

“Street trees will be abundant.   

“That’s what our transform Kingston survey results told us and that’s what we want to deliver.”

Another attractive element of the Kingston Park playground is that Kingborough Council have declared the entire area as a smoke-free zone.

Smoking of tobacco will not be allowed within the entire boundary of the Stage 1 area, which covers the playground and a significant amount of open space around the play equipment.

This will reduce the potential for involuntary exposure to environmental smoke for children and families wanting to utilise the area and contribute to the overall health of the community.

Along with providing signage around the playground to encourage compliance, it is anticipated that further smoke free area will be introduced as the Kingston Park development expands.

Pictured above: Project Manager Steve Loxley, Mayor of Kingborough, Cr Dean Winter and Project Director, Daniel Smee at Kingston Park on Thursday, January 21 and further onsite photos of the progress.